New Toys, Boune Idee, E Nouve Avventure

After an uneventful Thanksgiving break, I am more than delighted to be back at work for a few more weeks until I embark on a new short lived adventure for five weeks. As you read this I a typing it on my new found love. It’s the Brydge 9.7 in (26.6 cm) keyboard attachment for my iPad Pro, click here if you would like to buy it. The only thing is that there is a slight learning crurve to this keyboard. First off, it’s missing a trackpad. After not having a laptop for almost a year, is still is a bit of a disadvantage because I want to subcontiously reach for the track pad. Which should be a testiment of the quality of this keyboard. So, as of now I am more than exstatic about my new set up.

Tomorrow I will be heading to the Charles Shultz Museum with my students. Working for the most prestigious public school in my area has been such tremendous leap in my career. Not only is it a top notch school, but every one of the teachers there has been through the trainings and courses that I am going though now. They admire my drive, personality, and attitude. They give me hope that being a teacher was not that bad of an idea. I am thankful for the last school that I taught at though. I learned an uninmaginable wealth of knowledge that I couldn’t have attained through books at college or any book that I could have gotten my hands on.

My italian classes have been going far better than I have ever imagined, though I am quite annoying I guess as my teacher often has a slight eye roll when I raise my hand, selectively ignores me, or calls on my classmate behind me…poveretta. I have made a small group of friends in that class who, we have all become very a very close knit group together. I definately do wish that my school offered an Italian 2 course in the evenings for the next semester. Ideally I would like to move to Italy for work, as it’s so far my favorite place I have ever been to. As well as was my first solo trip.

Speaking of trips, tomorrow my best friend from college who now lives in Santa Rosa with her new boyfriend, will come and visit me. Having your best friend living in another city for the bulk of your friendship really puts a strain on your relationship because you can’t just pop in when one of you is havng a bad day and watch a movie together, have a mutual friend to mope around with, or in general lift your spirits. It’s more of “okay i’ll call you at xyz time, and I’ll come and visit you as soon as possible!” Which usualy happens very rarely. In the last year we saw eachother twice. To have her living in the same city as me is really a blessing in itself because to have your best friend live far away at the very least already stacking the odds against you. None the less, tomorrow should be full of busy but fun events.

Ciao a tutti!

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