Summer Beginnings

Summer is almost here! The tan lines, warmth, and longer nights are definately welcome after all the craziness of work and school. Today I found a new coffee shop that is quite unique, though my version of a cappuccino and their’s differ significantly. What they gave me wasn’t bad at all, it was quite nice but without question was not a cappuccino. My friend Andre told me today that I will have to wait for “un caffé come si deve” which roughly translates into “A coffee as it should be”.

As far as studying Italian, he has been my constant teacher with an unbelievable amount of patience and kindness. Allora, Andre… grazie mille per tutti che fai per me! I should make a post in Italian, because honestly I don’t have the best Italian. I will take the second level in the fall which will be nice and exciting! If you would like that please leave me a comment in the bottom below!

Coco has just joined me in the bed and is pawing at me desperately asking to be pet, she always wants attention at the most inconvenient times. I have to finish up a few more papers for school finals and I will be free for the summer!  IMG_0716





Konmari Method

Recently I have been on a cleaning binge…. me of all people. I am waiting on my desk to arrive from Ikea!!! I would like to start to have a more plant based and minimalist lifestyle. I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be able to have a completely clean room, as in nothing there!! I don’t know why all of a sudden I felt like I needed to get rid of all the stuff in my room, But I have and it is actually quite freeing!!

Also I have been on a health kick and have lost 15 pounds!! Ideally, I’d like to lose another 30 more, but we will see! With the exception of yesterday evening and today I have been eating 1,200 to 1,300 calories a day and walking four miles every Monday through Friday for work. Water has been my best friend so far throughout this journey. Speaking of water… I was quite confused when I went to Starbucks today with my friend Jacky. I got my usual order (a doppio espresso macchiato) and a sparkling water, but the water wasn’t on the receipt. Being me and totally clueless asked why my water wasn’t rung up for and checking three times that water wasn’t on there asked him and he said “No problem!” and proceeded to pretend to ring me up then use his employee numbers to comp the water. So with that nice little surprise and as well as splurging and buying my favorite perfume I had a wonderful day with Jacky! 🙂

Tomorrow we are supposed to work out but we’ll see if she is up for it or not… hmmm I can take a guess at which it will be.

A presto for now! :))